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Risk and exposure in today’s business environment

In recent years, businesses have been confronted by a growing level of commercial crime, financial irregularities and litigation situations. These issues are evolving into more complex and financially significant problems for businesses, organizations and individuals. This difficulty has been further emphasized by the limited assistance and involvement, due to budgetary constraints, of the authorities to investigate white collar crime.

Increasingly, proof of suspected fraud, contract disputes, damage estimation and related problems requires the assistance of outside specialists in the areas of forensic and investigative accounting and litigation support.

Forensic accounting is the analysis and presentation of accounting and financial information to the standards of a court of law. Investigative accounting is the study and research required to answer unsolved financial questions and to assist in the recovery of missing assets as well as information. Litigation support is the provision of accounting and financial advice and information throughout the litigation process.

Smedmor & Associates specializes in serving clients in these fields.

Smedmor & Associates concentrates on serving businesses, financial institutions, insurance companies and lawyers in addressing litigation issues and problems of corporate, institutional and white-collar crime. Our strengths are: our experience in the field; our investigative outlook; and our ability to understand, explain and respond to the specific problem. Each assignment is unique, and each client receives our results-oriented, independent professionalism.

When is it time to call for assistance?

When do you require forensic and investigative services? When you absolutely need to know the truth about a complex, potentially costly and key problem. Understanding the real situation can help you know your exposure, respond to external risks, recover funds, protect your profitability, and maintain and enhance your ability to compete.

Smedmor & Associates can help you with your needs, including understanding and assessing your particular problem, identifying alternatives and the appropriate action plans to resolve the problems. We can assist you in the collection and analysis of required information, and the resolution of problems by drawing on our experience and skills in forensic and investigative accounting and litigation support.

The experience you need

When you call in Smedmor & Associates, you are working with specialized professionals with strong skills and experience in the areas of forensic and investigative accounting and litigation support. Charles Smedmor, as a chartered accountant and certified fraud examiner, brings 15 years of experience in investigative accounting to your problem. This experience is focused on understanding and achieving the best results for you.

Our approach is result-oriented. The first step is to listen and understand so that we can identify the issues, focus on the key tasks, and then develop and implement the appropriate work plan.

As specialists in forensic and investigative accounting as well as litigation support, our mandate is to assist you and your advisers in focusing on and addressing the main issues.

Our response and approach

Smedmor & Associates can respond with specialized skills in the area of forensic and investigative accounting and litigation support.

Each assignment is assessed with a focus on understanding the situation, the underlying facts and the concerns and client needs. Our goal is to provide our clients with the professional support and assistance necessary to resolve their problems. Our multi-stage response includes:

Understanding the situation

  • defining the issues and objectives;learning the facts;
  • learning the facts;
  • assessing the situation;
  • developing the approach; and
  • assigning staff and resources.
Gathering information
  • reviewing available data;
  • obtaining missing information;
  • identifying alternative data sources;
  • interviewing key persons; and
  • assessing information gathered.
Finding and analyzing the information
  • compiling and organizing data;
  • analyzing information;
  • quantifying and modelling information; and
  • presenting and discussing findings with our clients.
  • assembling document briefs and other material;
  • preparing accounting schedules on findings;
  • preparing reports on scope of work, procedures and findings;
  • concluding on results; and
  • recommending courses of action to solve the situation.
  • preparing for and assisting in discoveries;
  • presenting findings to clients and legal advisers;
  • presenting findings to other parties;
  • reporting on issues;
  • providing expert testimony at trial; and
  • participating in settlement negotiations.

Our forensic services

Our services include financial investigation services; litigation and insurance-related services; and prevention advisory services.

Financial investigation services

Our forensic and financial services are tailored to the needs of businesses, financial institutions and their legal advisors; we can assist in a wide range of investigations, including:

  • determination and estimation of damages;
  • misappropriation of funds;
  • secret commissions;
  • conflict of interest;
  • asset tracing and recovery;
  • breaches of fiduciary duty and breaches of trust;
  • fraud by suppliers or customers;
  • contract irregularities;
  • theft of intellectual property, theft of time;
  • product substitution or product liability;
  • bid-rigging and illegal competition; and
  • unfair trade practices.

Litigation and insurance-related services

Charles Smedmor & Associates can advise and assist lawyers, insurers and the financial community in litigation and insurance-related matters, including:

  • identification and estimation of damages;
  • loss of income estimates;
  • net worth statements for individuals;
  • insurance claims for loss of income, inventory or assets;
  • shareholder disputes;
  • contractual disputes;
  • civil actions for fraud;
  • business interruption claims;
  • fidelity and surety bond claims; and
  • fraudulent bankruptcies.

We can further assist in the legal process, by:
  • review and interpretation of financial information;
  • assistance in financial discoveries;
  • audit and investigation of financial information;
  • preparation of reports, accounting summaries and court briefs;
  • expert testimony at trial in accounting matters; and
  • research and investigation of business investments.

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